About Jet Fast

Jet Fast Co., Ltd. is concentrated in Manufacturing and selling of blind fastener.

Currently, there are over than 90% of finished products exported to its distributors world-wide. Jet Fast was established in 1979, initially, Jet Fast was a distributor of numerous leading international fastener brands, selling blind riveting products locally only, but settled a foundation of specialized technical knowledges.

Formally, the manufacturing factory was founded in 1990 after Jet Fast Co, Ltd. Runs for 11 years and commenced making various rubber; metal and nylon nuts. As of now, Jet Fast possessed over than 450 items with different functions in applications and still in increasing continuously.

Aside from products of nut-inserts, Jet Fast also supply various installation tools of hydro-pneumatic; electric & hand type etc. to facilitate dealer’s requirement. Flexible production and large inventory offering services for some small/urgent orders. The prompt delivery & services settled a excellent supplier image in the field.

Jet Fast hold the spirit of the concept of specialized management on making nut-inserts and plowing the market since beginning, In addition to renovate advanced production machines, also equip a lot of précised testing/measuring instrument to achive the target of further more automatic production line & higher quality.

And, engineering department had also established a standard working procedure for every working stations to follow up strictly. In other side, Jet Fast requested and monitoring all sub-contractors to follow the same standard as well. We do believe the(Quality) is the only way to be survival in business core competence of blind fastener field. It is also ensure the distributors & users the biggest rights and indemnifications. Under the benignancy interaction of both producing and sales, there are big growth in breadth and reached to a result of win-win.

Jet Fast’s experience in a specialized field with skilled manufacturing technology is the biggest growing advantage indeed. Jet Fast will not satisfied with current situation only, but, continue to search for further more target of higher & higher quality to offer the best service for customers as a direction of sustainable growth and operations